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Trying to get a foot in the door (or on the deck) of a new sport can be daunting: Who do I contact to try and get involved in Sailing? Do I have to join a club? Where can I learn to sail? These are some common questions that are asked of Yachting Association of India and it's Members.
Yachting Association of India has developed training schemes for sailing, powerboating and windsurfing, including both theoretical and practical training. These courses are provided by registered Yachting Association of India Training Centres which can be run through a club or commercial outlets.
Yachting Association of India's clubs also provide services to those who are new to sailing. We also provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to participate in sailing, through the program.
Please read the information provided through various articles in this website which may help you get started in this sport. If you have further queries, they should be directed to the sailing clubs in your area.
How do I get started?
There are a variety of ways to get into sailing, the two easiest being to undertake a Yachting Association of India's training course or to start crewing for someone else.
The Yachting Association of India Training Schemes are nationally recognised and span from beginners in small boats, yachts and powerboats, to sailing and racing offshore. These are taught at Yachting Association of India approved Training Centres (TCs), including clubs and commercial schools, all around India.
The sailing community and sailing clubs are also keen to encourage new sailors and often have "try sailing days", social sailing events and open days. Attending one of these is a good way to find someone looking for crew who may be willing to give you experience (to support what you have learned at a TC).  Many yacht clubs also conduct twilight races, which are usually less serious, with shorter races than Saturday or Sunday racing. Skippers for these races are usually more willing to take on inexperienced hands at these events.
What do I need to get started?
If you are intending to start on a small boat, a basic level of fitness is required and it is suggested that you can swim at least 50m. For all boats, here is some basic safety equipment to help you get started:

    * Personal Flotation Device (PFD), otherwise known as a lifejacket
    * Cap
    * Shoes
    * Sailing gloves are recommended

As you advance through sailing, you may require additional equipment such as wet / dry suits for offshore racing or trapeze harness for skiffs and high performance dinghies.

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