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The Yachting Association of India's training department is dedicated to creating, reviewing and updating National Training Schemes and the materials that supplement them. The National Training Schemes provide a pathway for anybody wishing to enter the sport and to progress.
If you have a query about training, whether you are new to the sport or seeking to improve your skills, please check the "Contacts in Training" link to ensure your query is directed to the correct person.
If you are new to sailing and would like to undergo some training, please look at the "Are you new to sailing" and "National Training Schemes" information.
If you are a sailing club or school seeking to provide the Yachting Association of India's course, please see the Yachting Association of India's Training Centre and National Training Scheme information.
Would you like to get into sailing or power boating? Or improve your skills?
The Yachting Association of India's Training Schemes cover all types and levels of boating, ranging from learning to sail a dinghy or yacht, through to cruising, top level racing and powerboating.
Whether you are just a beginner or highly experienced, there is a level within each scheme to suit everyone.
The Yachting Association of India Training Schemes offer the only nationally recognised training courses developed in India for local conditions. While tailored to India, the content of the Schemes and associated materials are universal and where appropriate, have international recognition.
To participate in a Yachting Association of India Training Scheme, simply contact a YAI Training Centre (TC) from the listing available here. These training centres are identified by the YAITC logo and meet Yachting Association of India's stringent standards. The YAI Training Centre goals aim to provide a number of key features essential for effective and enjoyable learning.
A basic overview for each Scheme is provided here. More details for each of the courses which make up the Schemes, may be found by clicking on the relevant link at the left of this page.
National Small Boat Sailing Scheme
Sailing a dinghy can be fun and exhilarating and this scheme has been developed to provide a safe introduction to dinghy sailing. If you would like to learn to take control of your own small boat, this is the place to start. By the end of the program you will have been taught the skills and knowledge required to start racing at your local club or just enjoy being out on the water.
National Powerboat scheme
Do you want to learn to drive a small powerboat? Would you like to man a rescue boat to support your local sailing club? This scheme will provide you with the necessary skills for the safe use of small powerboats including the equipment to be carried, knowledge of seamanship, navigation and weather. As part of the Scheme you will have the opportunity to achieve the Powerboat Operator's Certificate which satisfies licensing requirements in some states of India. If you wish to assist in club events or desire to be an instructor, coach or official, then the Safety Boat Handling course is particularly beneficial. The skills and knowledge gained in this scheme can be applied in most of the other Schemes and it is highly recommended for all. 
National Windurfing Scheme
To experience the thrill of windusrfing, look no further. Progressive levels cover the basics right through to advanced techniques assisting you to build your skills and experiences. Boat handling skills, weather and safety are covered in detail and for those who progress or who already have windsurfing experience, there are opportunities to sail both long and short boards and practice freestyle manoeuvres.
National Keelboat Scheme
Learn to sail without the fear of capsize, the course is a sailing lesson rather than a swimming lesson!  Teaching people to learn to sail in self-righting dayboats provides a learning platform that is stable yet responsive, allowing students to concentrate on core skills . This scheme is being rolled out to training centres during 2011.
If any of these Schemes take your fancy, have a look at some more detailed information from the menu on your left.

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