YAI - Training



Teaches introductory sailing/power-boating skills, to any age participant, training scheme sets out course syllabus for delivery, accreditation is through Yachting Association of India. Work through YAI certified Training Centre.

Club Coach

Delivers introductory racing skills and assists athletes to develop to club representative level . Works with athlete on an informal (may be regular) basis. Could be through the club environment or post-training scheme coaching. Athletes of any age, but are likely to be youth. Assisting the athlete by interpreting information for them (ie weather). Probably operates in local area - limited travel with athletes.

State Coach

Working with specific athletes on a regular basis to prepare them for competition with an emphasis on technique analysis and individualising coaching. Athletes of any age and ability (youth - master) Mainly State/National level competition. Assisting the athletes to interpret information for themselves (ie weather). May operate at different events around the country - travel with athlete, additional understanding of non-local systems may be need, tides, weather, procedures.

International/National Coach

Prepare and accompany elite athletes at international competition. Program management skills, Develop holistic training programs, along with other specialists to prepare elite sailors.

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