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This course focuses on the skills that an Assistant Instructor will need to assist a qualified Yachting Association of India's Instructor in delivering training. This qualification is for those who wish to progress in the sport by helping others who are learning.

This certification can now be achieved in all the Yachting Association of India's National Training Schemes.


The YAI Assistant Instructor course will provide you with a good foundation in the structure of Yachting Association of India and the affiliated members, the National Training Schemes, communication skills and an introduction to risk management


Depending on the Scheme that you wish to assist the Instructor in, there are some minimum age limits that apply. Check to see what the requirements are via the Certification for Instructors and Coaches pathways page.

You must have undertaken the courses for which you want to be assistant instructor and achieve the identified levels of certification as set out by Yachting Association of India.

Where can I take the course?

This course is conducted as a four day, face-to-face theory / practical session that you will then put into practice by assisting a qualified Instructor at a Yachting Association of India certified Training Centre.

What to do afterwards?

Assist in conducting training at your club or work towards becoming a YAI Senior Instructor.


To gain a YAI Assistant Instructor Endorsement, you need to:
· Attend the YAI Assistant Instructor Theory course as documented below

By attending the course, you will gain an insight into:

Introduction to Yachting Association of India's Training Schemes

· Describe the organisational structure of Yachting Association of India

· Identify the training schemes available and source information on these schemes

· Understand the progression to Instructor or Coach

Roles and Responsibilities

· Identify the roles and responsibilities of the assistant instructor

· Understand the assistant instructor’s interaction with instructors and the Training Centre

Making Sure the Message is Understood

· Identify effective communication methods and vary these to meet the needs of training participants and others

· Understand using spoken and body language

· Overview of questioning techniques, teaching aids and teaching methods

Learning Activities

· Identify suitable activities, resources and games and adapt to each group for maximum learning opportunity

· Setting goals and adapting sessions to achieve these goals

Risk Management

· Describe their role relating to the Duty of Care concept and risk management

· Emergency plans

· Importance of warm up /down

· Some basic first aid

Working in an Instruction Team

· Work with an instructor to achieve stated learning outcomes for training programmes/sessions

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