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We have made a distinction between Instructors and Coaches based on the activities they undertake with their participants.
Instructors introduce and teach new skills and knowledge, as set out in the National Training Scheme syllabus, to course participants. Coaches refine and develop skills and knowledge. Coaches do not deliver to a syllabus (Scheme), rather to the individual needs of those being coached.
The table below gives an overview of some of the differences:
Instructors Coaches
Engaged by a YAI Training Centre Engaged by a YAI affiliated club or class association
Highly structured courses and learning Flexible apporach tailored to the specific needs of the sailor
Training leads to recognised qualifications Training leads to a sailor achieving better racing results
Focused upon learn to sail or learn to drive a powerboat Focused upon developing racing skills
Clear structure to manage standards of instructors through training centre inspections and feedback forms Coaching standards managed through coach personal development and market forces

Choose the link to the Scheme that interests you and check out what certification you need to have prior to enrolling in a course to become an Assistant Instructor, Instructor or Coach for the YAI Training Schemes.

If you already posess an Instructor Qualifciaton from abroad, you may be eligible for assessment to become a YAI accredited Instructor.  You should contact us for more information on how to apply.

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