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This course is aimed at people with a desire to be in charge of a safety boat, particularly those who wish to assist their clubs or associations with the control and support of racing programs and other training courses. The components of the course have been designed to develop the participant’s knowledge and skills, and to apply this competently in actual boating activities.


The knowledge and skill to competently handle a safety boat and a Safety Boat Handling Certificate.


Attained at least the standard of the Powerboat Handling Certificate, with some practical experience.


Please contact a Yachting Association of India's Training Centre or your nearest Sailing Club. Please ask them about our Yachting Association of India's trainee Logbooks so that you can monitor your progress.

You can also buy the logbook online from this website. Please keep your credit / debit card information readily available, prior to placing the order. All transactions are safe and secure.


Continue Training to become a Safety Power Boat Instructor.


1. Rules and Regulations for Safety Boat Operation
  • Apply regulations relevant to the operation of a safety boat
  • Apply regulations relevant to the navigation of a safety boat
  • Access and interpret weather and tidal information relevant to the safe operation of a safety boat
2. Plan and prepare for Safety Boat Operations
  • Prepare all equipment for safety boat operations
  • Inspect and prepare vessel to ensure it is seaworthy for safety boat operations
3. Manoeuvre a Vessel in Safety Boat Operations
  • Direct vessel and supervise crew to anchor and moor the safety vessel
  • Direct vessel and supervise crew to retrieve a person overboard
  • Direct vessel and supervise crew to resuce a vessel or person in a lee-shore situation
  • Direct vessel and supervise crew to establish single and multiple tows with power and sailing vessels\Direct vessel and supervise crew to right a capsized or inverted sailing boat
4. Apply Safety Management During Safety Boat Operations
  • Delegate and supervise responsibilities and duties
  • Brief crew and establish communication signals
  • Manage foreseeable emergencies by assessing risks and determining responses to potential hazards

5. Secure Vessels During Safety Boat Operations

  • Describe and demonstrate procedures for securing vessels during safety boat operations.

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